Sudbury Swing Dance is a community organization dedicated to promoting swing dancing in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. We do this by providing events, lessons and workshops.

Founded in 2017 by members of the Laurentian University Swing Dance Society, the club is still reletively new to the area and is always looking for new members to join and help out. We’d love to see the group grow to build a dedicated base of dancers and increase our activities around the area!

We’re a social dance group. That mean’s we emphasize meeting and connecting with other human beings. We are here to have a good time, meeting fabulous people, and putting your steps into practice! We are committed to building an inclusive community and environment where everyone feels welcome.We do this by providing lessons, workshops and events while promoting other activities in the Sudbury area.


Frequently Asked Questions

If we don’t answer what you’re thinking, please email us at sudburyswingdance@gmail.com

Q:​​ What if I can’t dance?

No problem! All of our events start with an introductory beginner lesson.  We will start with the basic footwork and build up STEP BY STEP!  By then end you’ll be feeling calm, cool, confident, and comfortable!

Q:​​ Do I need a partner?

Absolutely not.  We have just as many people show up without one as people who do (really!).  During our lessons we encourage our dancers to rotate partners (not required) so you are guaranteed to know everybody’s name by the end.  No need to worry about working up confidence to ask anyone to dance until you are ready!  And all of our regulars love dancing with new dancers so you’ll be having a great time before you know it!

Q:​​ When do you dance?

We have regular bi-weekly Friday Night Swing Night event which includes a DROP IN lesson every other Friday from 7:00pm-10:30pm at St. Volodomyr Church (190 Baker Street).  On top of this we offer workshops and lesson and various times during the year to expand your skills. These change, so be sure to stay up to date with our event calendars! You can join our mailing list by clicking here

Q:​​ How much does it cost?

Our  Friday Night Swing Dance cost 5$ for the enitre evening.  We believe in making social dancing as affordable for everyone as possible, and we want you to come back as often as you can.  Without our friends and dancers, this group wouldn’t have much purpose to exist!

Q:​​ How do I join?

You can join by simply showing up to one of our events!  Most people attend a few weeks of drop in lessons before fully settling in – After that, we’re happy to have you out to lessons, dances, social events, and even organizer meetings! All you have to do is be there 🙂

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